What Is Wall Mounted Faucet?

The wall faucet is to bury the water supply pipe in the wall, and direct the water to the washbasin or sink below through the wall faucet. The faucet is independent, and the washbasin / sink is also independent. The washbasin or sink does not need to consider the internal combination with the faucet, so there are more free choices in modeling, so that different spaces and environments have more diversified choices.

The position at the junction of the washbasin or sink and the faucet is usually the place where water rust and bacteria breed most, and the independent faucet and washbasin or sink do not have to worry about the cleaning of these positions.

Two forms of wall faucet.

1. Single control mode: turn a single switch left and right to control hot and cold water, and pull it up and down to control the water output, which will save water relatively.

(1) One piece concealed faucet with single control water mixing valve.

(2) Separate concealed faucet with single control water mixing valve.

(3) Concealed faucet with embedded box of single control water mixing valve: this kind of embedded box not only has an additional cover plate in appearance, but also has different internal structure. A level gauge will be brought in the embedded box. When embedding, the whole yellow box should be embedded into the wall.

2. Sub control mode: the tap hidden in the sub control water valve means that the cold and hot water are controlled separately, the left is hot and the right is cold, and the middle is the water outlet.

Double switch. The cold and hot water should be adjusted separately. The water flow in the process of adjusting to the appropriate water temperature is large and not very water-saving. If only the hot water is turned on, it is easy to burn, which is not suitable for the elderly and children, but the decoration will be stronger.

2Advantages and disadvantages of wall faucet


1. Save space. The wall faucet generally saves space and releases the table space.

2. It is easy to clean, there is no sanitary dead corner, and cleaning is more convenient.

3. Strong decoration, which can improve the decoration of the space and make the space cleaner.


1. The price is expensive. The price and installation cost of the wall faucet are higher than those of the ordinary faucet.

2. The installation is troublesome, so it needs to be installed by a professional installer.

3. Maintenance is troublesome. Many parts are embedded in the wall, so once there is a problem, maintenance is troublesome.


3Precautions for installation of wall faucet.

1. Due to concealed installation, the wall faucet should be embedded with the water pipe when making water and electricity, so the faucet style should be purchased in advance before making water and electricity.

2. Do not take off the protective cover of the product during construction, so as not to damage the product.

3. The product must be pressurized to test whether there is water leakage and whether the water pipe connection is correct.

4. Before installation, the sundries at the connection must be removed to avoid blockage or water leakage.

5. The installation height should be controlled at the place 15 ~ 20cm above the basin / sink, 95cm ~ 100cm above the ground.

6. If there is no problem, carry out tile pasting and other processes.

Post time: Sep-11-2021