The Plating of Showers – Part 1

Today, it is about plating of shower head. 

Electroplating is a process of making metal surface attach a layer of metal film by electrolysis. After electroplating, a protective layer is formed on the surface of the substrate, which improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of shower, and enhances the appearance gloss and beauty degree. Electroplating can be divided into nickel, chromium plating, zinc plating, etc. according to the composition of the coating, which can be single-layer electroplating or multi-layer plating. 

When consumers choose shower, they can find that some shower surface is bright like mirror, and some surface is matte drawing effect. Different appearance is related to the surface treatment process of shower. At present, the surface treatment of shower in the industry mainly includes electroplating, drawing and baking paint, especially electroplating.

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 We see that the top spray is often bright as a mirror, which is based on the substrate for electroplating treatment. 

Shower head is installed in bathroom. Due to long-term contact with water vapor, if the coating is not good, it will be oxidized and decayed soon, and even the whole coating will peel off. It seriously affects the use of users. So when we choose shower shower, we must pay attention to the coating of shower shower. Good coating can resist oxidation, wear-resistant, and will be bright and new for many years. 

Silver spray, because of the surface of the process, in order to enhance corrosion resistance, also not easy to water scale. 

The pure copper shower head will adopt electroplating to improve the surface smoothness and corrosion resistance. The national standard requires that shower shower products can reach grade 9 electroplating after 24 hours salt spray test. Generally speaking, copper spray will adopt electroplating process, which is copper plating at the bottom, nickel plating in the middle and chromium plating on the surface, at least three layers. It should be kept for 24 hours in salt spray test. If the surface corrosion area is less than 0.1%, it will be deemed as qualified and reach the grade 9 standard. The longer the salt spray test is carried out for the higher end products, the higher the corresponding level. 

The showers made of 304 stainless steel is generally treated by surface drawing or electroplating, which is also to increase corrosion resistance.

 Check the coating of showers from the appearance, and the plating parts of showers, include top spray, front and rear cover of hand-held shower, lifting rod, faucet, ball head on top shower, water inlet joint, decorative cover, etc. The requirements for specific inspection are as follows: 

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1. under natural light, the electroplating products are placed at about 45 degrees of human visual angle to see whether the overall color is uniform and consistent, especially for some concave corners and holes, there can be no color difference. There should be no scratches, scratches and other phenomena. There should be no trace of bruises. 

2. the coating surface shall not bubble or fall off. If there is any stain on the surface, try to wipe it clean. If it is a non wipe stain, or obvious water stain, watermark, it cannot be selected. Another situation is that the edge corner will appear in the plating color is dim and lustrous, there are gray fog or white fog like spots, the hand feeling is not smooth, and can not be selected. 

3. check whether the surface of electroplating articles is smooth and if there is obvious convex concave phenomenon, such as uneven wave surface. Special inspection is required for thicker product walls and complex surface shapes. If the overall effect is good, there is no obvious convex concave phenomenon, it is qualified product. 

4. see if the adhesion of the surface of the electroplated coating is firm. The coating surface can be pasted with adhesive paper, and then torn at a 45 degree angle, and there should be no coating falling off. 

5. look at the inner surface of the plating layer, and there shall be no sign of rust. Burr can not be found, burr is easy to appear in the place with sharp angle and die line. 

6. if the coating can not pass the 24-hour salt spray test, it cannot be purchased.

 The above methods are the key points of inspection for the relative professionals.

Post time: Jun-16-2021