Suggestion for Purchasing Pull-out Kitchen faucet

Pulling kitchen faucet is popular in the domestic market in recent seven or many years. It is more flexible and covers a wider range than the traditional faucet. As the name suggests, the kitchen faucet is used in the kitchen to match the sink. The color change of kitchen faucet is closely related to the development of sink. The early sink was mainly made of pearl cotton. At that time, the kitchen faucet was matched with chrome; Later, the overall development of the sink to the wire drawing surface, and the wire drawing kitchen faucet has become the mainstream of the market. In recent years, with the development of black quartz sink, the demand for black kitchen faucet is also gradually increasing.

There are two main styles of kitchen faucets. Kohler, Moen and derda, represented by North America, prefer classical style design. There is an interesting situation here. The British style is relatively similar to the North American style and is separated from the overall style of continental Europe. This is probably due to the fact that Britain and the United States are the same language; There is also the modern design represented by Italian gessi. Why not Hans Geya and Gaoyi? Italy is famous for its fashion, and its industrial design ability can not be ignored. Of course, gessi’s products have gone far beyond the leading category, and the right is luxury. It can be said that there are seven or eight popular kitchen faucets in the market.

In fact, the technology of pulling kitchen faucet is very mature. Unlike the pit of pulling basin faucet, it is a little big. Pay attention to some small details when selecting:

Material of drawing pipe

Because the pull-out faucet actually adds a section of pull-out pipe on the basis of the ordinary kitchen faucet to realize the pull-out. When the faucet is released after use, it can return to the original position.

The most frequent use of pull faucet is stretching. If the quality is not good, it is easy to be damaged and difficult to reset. At present, there are two main materials of drawing pipe in the industry.

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Nylon drawing pipe: the drawing pipe made of nylon fiber is wear-resistant, soft, rigid and has a longer service life. The cost will also be higher

Metal drawing pipe: it feels better than nylon pipe, but the metal buckle may trip under long-term repeated drawing and may also wear the electroplating layer on the metal surface.

Look at the valve core: we control the water flow through the opening and closing of the valve core. The quality of the valve core determines the service life of the faucet. When in use, it rotates in all directions, which is flexible and smooth without blocking feeling, indicating good quality.

Ceramic valve core: it is the mainstream in the market at present, with the characteristics of not easy to rust, wear resistance and good sealing.

Stainless steel valve core: it is a leading valve core with high scientific and technological content. It has high requirements for processing technology, good wear resistance, long service life and expensive price.

Look at the material:

304 stainless steel: corrosion resistance and long service life are the mainstream in the market.

Copper alloy: not 100% pure copper. Copper has excellent bacteriostatic effect and good wear resistance.

Zinc alloy: cheap, easy to rust and short service life.

Look at the process: metal wire drawing: surface wire drawing treatment, high wear resistance, and it is not easy to leave traces.

Chrome plating: smooth mirror, high grade, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Baking paint: the baking paint is of high grade, so it is necessary to prevent the surface paint from being damaged.

Whether the following water inlet hose and drawing pipe are separated by plastic accessories, which is easy to cause intertwining, poor drawing, damage of drawing pipe and so on.

The mainstream pull-out has used quick connection technology, which is much more convenient for installation than before;

Now the sprinkler heads are basically two-function ABS plastic. It’s not that the copper ones can’t be made, but that the sprinkler heads are too heavy, which is not conducive to pulling back. Don’t tangle with this problem. See if the nozzle is flawless and has a dot like feeling. Don’t underestimate this thing. If you are willing to use new materials to make this nozzle, the water outlet effect will be good.

Post time: Sep-13-2021