Spray Patterns of Showers

Types of spray pattern in showers is not the same, then what kinds of spray patterns are there? Generally speaking, there are five kinds of spray patterns of shower, such as rain shower, massage shower, soft shower and single injection shower.

The first way of shower: rain shower

The so-called rain shower refers to the shower water is through a number of outlets, to achieve a large area of water effect. The advantage of this way of water outlet is: it can realize water outlet from different angles, so as to create a rain like effect. It is a common way of water outlet for shower.

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The second way: massage shower


The principle of the massage shower is to concentrate the water flow in the runner cavity of the shower shower, and then spray it out according to the preset time interval, so as to obtain a kind of water flow similar to the massage effect. The advantage of this kind of shower water way is that each acupoint of the body can be massaged by the shower water flow of massage type water, so as to achieve the effect similar to health massage.

The third way of shower water: soft sprinkler water

Soft shower water way is more suitable for shampoo, this way of shower water way is by mixing the water flow in the mixing chamber with the air, so as to obtain soft water bead like water flow.


The fourth way of shower water: single injection sprinkler water

The so-called single injection water way, refers to all the water flow of the shower through the same outlet pipe. The water flow of this kind of shower is more concentrated, but it is more gentle. When taking a shower, you will feel a slight itch on your skin, which is good for clearing your mind. At the same time, it can also improve your immunity and vitality.

Post time: Jul-22-2021