Sliding bar and Spout

The shower tube is also called “shower column“. In fact, it is the connector connecting the shower head. Its shape is a tube, with round tube and square tube. It can support the shower head and is an internal channel

The first is the problem of material, which determines the quality. Many high-grade shower tubes are copper tubes. Because the copper tube to be bent into a variety of shapes, it needs a relatively soft H62 copper tube to process. The copper content of H62 is higher than that of 59, so the price will go up naturally. Some of them are made of stainless steel.

If it is purchased on site, you can touch the shower column to feel the surface finish and feel, and carefully check whether the sealing joint of the shower column is smooth and whether there are cracks in the connection. Do a good job of inspection, buy more assured.

Detail parts inspection

The details of the shower column accessories also need to be carefully checked, mainly to see whether there are trachoma or cracks at the joint of the shower column and the faucet.

If there is trachoma, water will seep after water supply, and fracture will occur in serious cases.

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Sout can be very good for cleaning mops, carpets or cleaning the bathroom and so on. Generally speaking, the outlet nozzle of the downcomer will have a bubbler design to soften and quiet the water. The most famous high-quality product is the neoperl bubbler from Switzerland.

Finally, Installation of shower

Having said the precautions when purchasing, it’s time to say it’s time to install! It can be divided into surface mounting and concealed mounting, also known as concealed / embedded / wall mounted. Beauty is different for everyone, but from the point of view of simplicity and advanced sense, the concealed style is better!

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Construction difficulty


Compared with the construction difficulty, the concealed shower installation is definitely more difficult. The so-called concealed installation is to bury the sprinkler support of the top spray into the wall and only expose the sprinkler. Therefore, it is necessary to select the style and write down the model before slotting the waterway reconstruction, so as to facilitate the water and electricity workers to reserve a good position and open a slot of appropriate width and height.

The only disadvantage is that maintenance and replacement are more troublesome. But don’t worry too much. Qualified sprinklers on the market can be used for more than 10 years.

It’s better to buy the surface decoration in advance, so that even if it doesn’t involve slotting, it can provide more accurate dimensions for workers, so as to avoid unnecessary rework.

In addition, it is worth noting that if the water pressure is not enough, the need to install booster pump, then the surface or concealed sprinkler does not affect. Generally, the booster pump will be installed on the pipeline after the water meter entering the house, and the potential and maintenance port need to be reserved.

Generally speaking, ordinary shower head can be used for everyday use. Air injection, waterfall and spray can be used as consumption upgrading options.


Post time: Jul-19-2021