Shower Room Floor Building

When the toilet is decorated, how can it be designed to be more intimate and beautiful? Some people want to install a trough plate on the floor of the bathroom shower room. There are many advantages, but some people are against it. Do you want to install a trough plate in the bathroom shower room?

The traditional toilet sink is made of a piece of marble according to the size of the shower room, which is directly laid on the ground. Then ask the professional master to use slotting tools to surround the whole shower room, and make a circle of grooves on all sides of the marble. As more and more owners have more personalized requirements for home decoration modeling, some decoration masters gradually begin to slot marble or ceramic tiles. In the shower room, cut a piece of marble into an anti-skid trough plate, spread it in the middle of the shower room, and then make a low-lying water guide around, which is the trough. Common is to open cross groove and strip groove. Generally speaking, the groove is made of marble, and professional instruments are used to make grooves on the surface of the stone, so that the surface forms a square of equal size, thus forming a vertical and horizontal groove, and the depth of the groove is generally not more than 1cm. At the same time, stone is used in the middle of the shower area to pad up the pull-out groove. The edge of the stone is slightly tilted to the surrounding, and the pull-out groove plate and water guide groove are formed. Such a marble groove is not only antiskid, but also of high grade.

What are the advantages of the shower room

1. Beautiful

Shower room to do a trough, it is more than monotonous tile on the file. The integrity of this method is very strong, and the stone water retaining strip can also be integrated with the ground. If the whole bathroom is paved with stone, the effect is better.

2. Feel good

Now the toilet trough, generally made of stone processing, because the trough surface vertical groove design, foot on the trough, provide comfortable foot feeling.

3. Good drainage effect

The design of the groove can accelerate the surface drainage directly, and will not cause the phenomenon of ponding. Because the middle is convex, the water flows downward, so the water can naturally flow into the surrounding depression. The drainage around the shower room will be designed with a groove, which is better than the traditional slope drainage effect, and it is also anti-skid and will not return to the taste.

4. Safety

For the safety of the elderly and children at home, to prevent slipping, most families will choose to install the chute.


Of course, there are also deficiencies in the groove. There are many tiny gaps on the slot plate, so it is not easy to clean it. There are many dirty things hidden in the gap, so cleaning will be a little troublesome. Health. Because the dirty things in the gap of the slot plate are not easy to clean, it will easily breed bacteria and become unsanitary after a long time.

To sum up, there are advantages and disadvantages in installing the slotted plate. It depends on your choice.

Post time: May-26-2021