Shower cleaning method

As the time of showering grow the shower head produce scale.How can me clean it?

Manual cleaning: manual cleaning needs to take down the net cover of the shower, or take down the other parts that absorb scale, clean them with a brush, and then install them back to the original place. Some shower in the purchase will be equipped with some special removal tools, can be convenient for consumers to use.

Polished shower panel Four function wall mounted

Hand wipe type cleaning: some sprinklers use rubber granule design at their water outlet, which is comfortable and soft to the touch, and will not scale. At the same time, it is also very convenient to clean. As long as you gently wipe those granules with your fingers, you can clean the scale. This is the use of the characteristics of the material and the choice of cleaning methods, is now more popular in the market a way of cleaning.

Automatic cleaning: there are many shower inside are made up of special structure, usually in use can be automatic cleaning. For example, with a cleaning needle shower, this kind of shower do not need manual cleaning, you can bring out the scale, very convenient.

Precautions for shower maintenance

1. For regular cleaning, white vinegar can be used to soak and clean the surface and interior of the shower, and then cotton cloth can be used to wipe and clean the outlet of the shower, which can not only reduce the impact of scale on the shower, but also play the role of sterilization and disinfection.

2. For the electroplating surface of the shower, it can be wiped with flour regularly, and then washed with water, so that the surface of the shower is as bright as new.

3. When cleaning scale, do not use strong acid to clean, otherwise it is easy to corrode the surface of shower.

4.Do not disassemble and maintain the shower by yourself to prevent damage to the appearance or internal structure of the shower caused by incorrect methods.

5.The use environment of the daily shower should not exceed 70 , otherwise it is easy to reduce the service life of the shower. Therefore, the installation of the shower should be as far away from the electrical heat source as possible.


Post time: Apr-21-2021