Material of Shower System – Part 2

Stainless steel is a common top shower material in the market except ABS.

The biggest advantage of stainless steel is corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, not easy to rust, and the price is cheaper than copper. But because of the high hardness of stainless steel, the processing difficulty is bigger than that of copper, the production style is relatively single, which explains why the design sense of top spray is general. At the same time, considering that the weight of stainless steel is higher than ABS, in order to ensure the installation stability and shower safety, stainless steel top spray is usually processed into thin shape.

H30FJB - 2

Stainless steel can be made into flower sprinklers, can also be made into stainless steel windows, and stainless steel cabinets and so on. It can be seen that the plasticity of this stainless steel is very strong and has many advantages. For example, stainless steel will not corrode and rust, and it is not easy to damage. It also belongs to environmental protection materials and sustainable development resources, which can be reused.

Aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy is used, so-called space aluminum top spray is less. Space aluminum is an environmental friendly and colorless metal material. In recent ten years, space aluminum kitchen and bathroom products have become a new trend. Space aluminum spray is rust free, colorless, environmentally friendly and durable, and its environmental protection performance is better than that of ordinary copper spray, and non oxidation is better than stainless steel spray. Space aluminum material spray, in the maintenance of beautiful appearance, but also durable, affordable.

Aluminum alloy material is not afraid of wear, light and durable, but the fatal point is that it is easy to turn bla for a long time.

Post time: Jun-10-2021