Introduction of Valves in Shower

The steering, pressure, hot and cold water mixing and flow control of the sprinkler depend on the valve core.

According to the different functions of the valve core in the shower, the valve core can be divided into main control valve core (mixed water valve core), switching valve core (separated water valve core) and temperature control valve core (constant temperature valve core).


1. Main control valve core

The main control valve core, popularly speaking, is the mixing valve. Through connecting the cold and hot water pipes, the effect of mixing cold and hot water can be achieved.

In some old-fashioned shower, we can see that the faucet is equipped with double handles. One handle controls the cold water and the other controls the hot water. Now it is generally simplified as a single main control handle with the logo of “left hot and right cold” on the handle. As long as there is a mixing valve, the mixing ratio of cold water and hot water can be adjusted.

The common main control valve core on the market is mostly ceramic valve core. There are three holes at the bottom of the valve core, one is the cold water inlet, one is the hot water inlet, and the other is used for the internal water outlet of the valve core. When the faucet handle is turned, the ceramic pieces inside the valve core will also move accordingly (the red circle in the figure below is the corresponding rotating ceramic pieces), controlling the opening and closing state of the water inlet and outlet, so as to pull the handle to the left and flow out hot water; Pull it to the right and let out cold water; If it is near the center left position, the cold and hot water pipe channel opens at the same time, and the outflow is warm water.

2. Switching valve core

It is also called the water separation valve core. The water path of shower is generally like this. The cold and hot water enters the mixing valve core, and then enters the water separation valve core after mixing. Through the water separation valve core, the water is sprayed to the top, hand-held shower and discharged water, so as to realize the switching of different functions of water outlet.

Therefore, if the shower at home appears top spray, hand-held shower, under the water leakage, most likely the problem is in the water valve, you can try to replace the water valve core.


3. Temperature control valve core

It is also called thermostatic valve core. It is mainly used in thermostatic shower. It is the core component of keeping constant temperature water outlet, so it is also called “thermostatic valve core”. And the secret of realizing constant temperature water outlet lies in the temperature sensing component of constant temperature valve core.

The most common shower equipment is the “hot and cold mixed spool” and “water separation spool”. The main function of the mixing valve core is to open and close and mix cold and hot water, that is, the one on the main handle. The main purpose of the water separation valve core is to switch the upper and lower water outlet mode. At present, the most mainstream is the ceramic sealing spool, commonly known as ceramic spool. Many friends do not understand, feel that the whole valve is ceramic. In fact, the valve core is made of high-quality plastic and high hardness ceramic. The plastic is responsible for the overall mechanical structure, and the ceramic is responsible for opening and sealing.

Post time: Jul-15-2021