Functional Hardware In Kitchen Cabinet

Many families are not used to using embedded garbage cans and feel that the garbage in the cabinet tastes delicious.

But does garbage smell bad in the kitchen? Or is this rebuttal based on not taking out the garbage for a week?

Besides, there are generally covers in the cabinet. Timely cleaning will make the whole kitchen clean and tidy.

Generally, the built-in trash can is of the built-in door type, which is connected with the door. It is recommended to match with the rebound slide rail. It can be opened at the top of the knee, closed after placing, and can be handled without opening the hand.

Don’t use it if you don’t have good hygiene habits. Laziness is a bad personal habit. Don’t negate all designs for a better life because you are lazy. Thank you.


Narrow side baskets are more common in the kitchen in recent years. The length of cabinets in the kitchen is generally difficult. It happens that if it is a multiple of the width of a single cabinet, a side basket will be added to make up, and it is very pleasing. The most common is the condiment basket, which is generally narrow.


The width of the side basket is generally between 300-600mm. Keith Bauma and Hugo, who focus on pulling baskets in the kitchen, have rich products in this area.


High cabinets are not very common in domestic families. Generally, one or two high cabinets can only be seen in high-end kitchens, because high cabinets must cooperate with high cabinet system hardware to realize their real functions, and the cost is not low. Moreover, it is difficult for the general public’s kitchen to rise to the functional demand of collection and display.




The function of high cabinet system hardware is storage and display. It is generally divided into high body pull basket, continuous pull basket and rotary pull basket. Simply and roughly speaking, the hardware of the high cabinet system is the elevated version of the ground cabinet pull basket system.

The hanging cabinet is not uncommon in domestic kitchens, but it is one of the least hardware applications, because most people just open the cabinet door and throw something they don’t often use into it, even with little storage.

Basically only live in the elevator in the exhibition hall, automatic door opening hardware system (there are more upturned doors) and random stop support hardware system.


Most hanging cabinets have high requirements for the quality of hardware system, and the corresponding product price will not be too low. Most families feel dispensable. It is basically installed only for people with particularly high requirements for kitchen quality.


The above is the introduction of kitchen functional hardware. They are very intuitive products. Haven’t you seen many products in your family? It is these functional hardware that make a similar looking kitchen different when used.


The price of functional hardware is basically poor in material and surface treatment. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:


The key points of kitchen functional hardware purchase are summarized in one word: stable, but the content is very rich:


First, pick the material


The metal material shall be stable, and the most basic shall be waterproof, bump resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, oil resistant and easy to clean.


Second, look at the workmanship


The overall structure shall be dense without cutting corners. The pull basket shall be stable without shaking, and the welding points shall be firm and smooth.


Many manufacturers in the market are reluctant to use materials for basket pulling, and the narrower seasoning box can’t be put.


Third, look at the surface


The surface treatment is closely related to the material selection. It should be uniform and smooth, no trachoma, no pinhole, delicate, no hand injury, and not easy to leave fingerprints.


The above three points are the important reasons for the poor price of functional hardware, but they are not the core elements.


Looking at the cabinet market we have seen, many cabinets do not even install functional hardware. The price of an ordinary cabinet is hundreds of dollars lower than that of a cabinet with hardware.


The price difference between a cabinet with low-end hardware and a cabinet with high-end hardware is at least thousands.


This is why the appearance of cabinets is similar and the price difference is huge.


Of course, whether functional hardware is easy to use and durable requires the support of basic hardware. Although the basic hardware is small, it is the place with the highest content of technology and science and technology. Therefore, the biggest price difference of cabinet is hardware, and the biggest factor of hardware price difference is basic hardware.


Post time: Sep-09-2021