LED square shower head adjustable

Short Description:

Product Detail

 Model number  CP-2T-H30FLD
 Finish  Brushed
 Installation  Wall mounted
 Overhead shower dimensions
 Length  12”  (300mm)
 Width  12”  (300mm)
 Thickness  8mm
 Shower arm dimension 400x25x14mm
 Hanheld shower head dimension 25x25x185mm
 Length of handheld shower hose   1500mm
 Shower head  304 stainless steel, silicon
 Mixer  304 stainless steel, plastic
 Handheld shower head   304 stainless steel, silicon
 Handheld shower hose  304 stainless steel, plastic
 Hand shower holder  304 stainless steel
 Net weight (kgs) 6.20
 Gross Weight (kgs) 6.50
 Accessories information
 Shower arm included  YES
 Mixer included  YES
 Holder included  YES
 Handheld shower head and hose included  YES
 LED lights included  YES
 Packing  PE bag,foam and carton
 Time of delivery 10 days
 1.Built-in Mini hydraulic power generator for LED.
 2.Three color LED light  to indicate water temperature
 3.Solid construction of 304 stainless steel.
 4.Position adjustable by rotating ball joint designe.
 5.Easy clean. Slicon nozzles can be quickly wiped clean.
 6.Two spray patterns: overhead rain shower and handheld shower.

This 12-inch square LED rain shower set, ceiling mounted, has the quality and design you expect and will make a dream bathroom for you. It exudes a beautiful design with durable material for use in Plumbing applications.

Feature Grade 304 stainless steel construction, to resist corrosion, tarnishing and discoloration for the life of the shower set.

Its coordinated pieces including the shower head, valve panel, and other accessories such as holder, hand held shower head and shower arm.

Easy-clean nozzles: shower heads feature rubber-like nozzles that resist build-up and calcification. Keep it performing like new with just the swipe of a finger.

Cartridge can be operated in high degree centigrade,and tested for more than 500,000 times for using.

Two functions: overhead rain shower and hand held shower.

Built-in mini power generator LED, harmless low voltage. LED light color changes according to its water temperature. 

LED Color Comments:

BLUE- Cool under 88F (≤31℃),

GREEN- Warm 89-108F (32-42℃),

RED – Hot 110-122F (43-50℃),

FLASHING RED – Warning Hot over 124F (51℃)

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